i am a student of ca final.seeing this new structure of this new cbse pattern i.e students have options to go either for cbse board and school board, i m highly concerned what my sister(presently in class 10th) should opt for.i mean how can school board having its own board will compete with cbse(one for all) board. is there no difference between the two board? means two student one passed out cbse board and one school board.will they be considered equally competent for getting admission into a school.would there be no problem relating to candidate's future?plz answer my querry as i m very much depressed seeing this new structure. i want to know this that are both boards having equal weightage?or there would be any problem in higher education of candidate who passed school board. which is the best of the two options? cbse board or school board.please answer my querry.i am in urgent need of this answer.

thank you,