Hi educoop members, this is my first post in the forum.

I seriously want to become a scientist in astrophysics. I finally found that my lifelong interest would be in researching about space. But my education, has several turns, until I myself found my interest. Please help me, I did some investigated on the topic, my investigation says that I am not eligible to pursue MS(USA) astrophysics unless I pursue B.Sc physics and later qualified in GRE Physics. However, hoping there might be options available.

I have completed my B.Tech (2004-2009) in Electronics and Communication engineering(ECE) with 53.79%
Took 2 years gap(Now I have no idea on why I wasted time).
Later in 2011, frustrated and did M.Tech(2011-2013) in Computer Science Engineering(CSE) with 70.5%
Currently working as WebDeveloper.

But I do not want to feel that earth is the only place in the universe. So, I want to learn the science behind universe very seriously. Is there any way I can study astrophysics or related fields based on M.Tech(since no university/college is accepting a b.tech student with second class). Any suggestion stating possible or impossible, will be appreciated. Please help me.

Is there any possibilty through GATE, JAM, NET, JEST, GRE Physics etc test.

Thank You.