Dear sir,
My daughter have passed the examination from CBSC board.Her father and mother surname in the certificate are missing.I have approached the school they are not supportive and told that it due to TC we have received from previous school.Here i want to mention that all other school certificate/report card are mentioning correct father and mother name.I was in defence due to which my daughter have studied at various cities.Now I am not able to understand that the mistake was done at which school.I am sure that every time during the admission i have written correct name of myself.Now my daughter is in 12th class and I am running here and there to get the name corrected,as school authority asking me the point where this error have happened.All the record which they are asking are in their control and they are not showing and giving the data.Kindly advice what can be done at the shortest possible time to correct the father and mother surname in daughter certificate.Is there any way to get this correction done.