Hello, I am Aditya Chaudhary of class X currently from Adamas International School.
During the first term in that is till August and consists of 64days i have had a staggering low attendance of 33!
it accounts at 52% i have been absent for 16 days in total for medical and family issues and the rest for studying,
the records are 11 days for my grandfathers death (attending customs) and 5 days for fracture in leg..

I wanna know that will my school give me attendance for this reason? and if it doesnt give will i still be allowed to sit for ICSE exams if i get 73-74% till the end of the season? cus getting at 75% is hard at the curcumstances.
I have been absent for 9 days too in September (not on a streak but in total of it)..

This has really got me in deep concern and i want to give ICSE really bad as i have been preparing for it real hard! i am also a good student pls help