It is very interesting to learn about the most ranked business entrepreneur that is nothing but SAP BIW. It is abbreviated as System Analyse and Programmentwicklung Business Information Warehouse. Till November 2000 it was known as SAP BIW and came to be known as SAP BW. From July 2007 it is known as SAP BI (Business Intelligence).

It is an readymade software for Data warehousing or in simple language it is an Data storehouse. The most important word for a BI consultant isData. Data of business, most important Data on which different important decisions of a Company depends on. Mostly in BI there is Historic Data or Old data. But some times you have to work also with real time data.
1.Data Ware Housing Concepts
• 2.Over View Concepts of BW
• 3.Over view of SAP R/3 Types of Applications
• 4.OLTP
• 5.OLAP
• 6.R/3 Architectures
• 7.Landscape of SAP
• 8.Transportation
• 9.Package
• 10.Request no
• 11.Return codes
• 12.Master data
• 13.Transaction data
• 14.Attribute data
• 15.Text data
• 16.Hierarchy data
• 17.Header data
• 18.Item data
• 19.Scheduline data
• 20.Classical star schema.(DW)
• 21.Extended star schema.(BW)
• 22.Types of Data
• 23.Master Data
• 24.Transaction data
• 25.Star Scheme Concepts
• 26.Modeling & Extraction Objects

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