SAP GRC Online Training Course covers all processes and components of the SAP solutions for Governance, Risk, and Compliance ( SAPGRC). With a focus on Process Control, Access Control and Risk Management, the book provides the standard implementation scenarios and information on customizing using a standard case-study example. You will learn how you can guarantee the compliance of business processes and IT systems with Process Control, how Access Control can be used for company-wide role definition and segregation of duties and how to perform analysis and elimination of risk related to user creation and superuser authorization.

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SAP GRC Online Training Schedule:

SAP GRC Training Course is starting in every two weeks. Below is the nearest course schedule:

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SAP GRC Online Course Content :

SAP GRC Access Control 5.3 Overview and Configuration

1. Course Overview
• Challenges in auditing SAP ERP
• Segregation of duties and restricted access
• GRC access control overview and navigation

2. SAP GRC Access Control Risk Analysis and Remediation (RAR)
• Verification of Post installations.
• RAR Overview of Configuration
• RAR Connectors
• RAR Rules set building
• RAR Risk, Business process and Functions building
• RAR Reporting
• RAR Background jobs Overview
• RAR Risk Analysis
• RAR Risk Remediation
• RAR Mitigation Control process and Concept
• Continuous Compliance

3. SAP GRC Access Control Compliant User provisioning
• Verification of Post installations.
• CUP Overview of Configurations
• Compliant User provisioning Functionality
• CUP Request form Customization
• CUP Custom field Configuration
• CUP Integration with RAR
• CUP integration with Central User Administration System.
• CUP Request Types and Workflows configuration
• SMTP server setup in CUP
• Detour and Escape routes configuration
• Role Approvers Maintenance in CUP

4. SAP GRC Access Control Super user privilege management
• SPM Overview of Configurations
• Firefighter role creation in SPM
• SPM Parameter Maintenance for Firefighter Access
• Reason codes creation in SPM
• Assignment of Firefighter id’s to Owners and Controllers in SPM
• Running Log Reports in SPM

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