Smart mind online training provide best online training ETL screening is finished on information as it's being transferred into manufacturing methods. The Information in the manufacturing methods must be right so that you can to guide your business choice getting. Informatica Data Validation Choice provides management abilities and the ETL screening automation to create favorable that the information upgrade process not compromises your manufacturing methods.
Resource to Objective screening (Information is changed). Such a ETL screening validates the Information values following a change would be the estimated Info values in the source. The Informatica Data Validation Choice has a substantial group of pre-created workers to construct this kind of ETL screening without development skills essential.

Datawarehousing Theories:
What's Data Ware home?
Big difference between DataWare and OLTP Home
Information Acquisition
Information Extraction
Information Transformation
Info Loading
Info Marts
Information Mart that is centered
Information Mart that is impartial
Data-base Layout
Celebrity Schema
Snow-flake Schema
Truth constellation Schema

SCD(slowly changing dimensions)

Kind-1 SCD
Kind-2 SCD
Kind-3 SCD
Fundamental Notions in SQL
Review of ETL Software Design
White-box and black-box Testing performance on change Rules that are various
Information Ware residence lifestyle Cycle
Several types of screening practices in ETL
Minus Queing
Queing rely

ETL Testing Theories

What's use of examining
What's standards & quality
Duties of a Examiner
2.Software development life cycle
Fountain model

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