Hello . I am a 10th grade student with a lot of questions and no one to answer .I hope you can help me , may it help others too. I want to become a physicist(don't tell me about lack of jobs,money etc. in this field , I love physics that's what I care about ) . I am from India . I want to know the answers of the following questions,please take your time to answer them , please :
1)Out of these options , which one is the best ?And please differentiate between physics and applied physics . And Which one is better option ?
2)What should I do after +2 ? Some say give JEE and then take Engineering in Physics (EP) , some say join IISc., and some say take dual degree course in physics program from IITs . Now , more questions come in mind :
i. If I take EP in IIT , will I have to do Ph.d (Explain Ph.d too if possible ) . Someone told me EP is 2 years Electical engineering and 2 years Physics , elaborate . Career options ? At last , will it help in becoming physicist ?
ii.If I want to go in IISc. , will good score in KVPY help . Do they have entrance test too , or integrateed in JEE . Do they have MSc. courses too , I just saw BSc. ? Can I do Bsc. from IISc. then MSc. Phd. in IIT ?
iii.Dual degree courses in IITs - Is JEE the entrance test . Is it good ? Difference between EP in IIT and dual degree course from IIT .
3)What's JAM and GATE?
4)Which one , IISc. and IITs have better labs and all that stuff ?
5) If not these , which foreign university/college , I should aim for ? Thank you , and I hope you will help me.