Project Oriented Training
The whole purpose of pursing the B.Tech or MCA degree is to graduate and invent something new or engineer something new for practical and general purposes. The first step every software engineer takes towards his invention of something new is through his final year project. This project will be the perfect kick-start to every engineer and boosts the confidence for him to go further. Hence the importance of the final year project is pretty high and very crucial.

Live Projects
Weekend Trainer has been dealing with final year projects for software engineers by using our live projects undertaken in our parent company Triple T Consultants Pvt. Ltd. The best part of our company is that, we come up with new ideas for every student seeking help. We never believe in plagiarism, hence we do not copy or duplicate any of the previously completed projects. Weekend Trainer believes in complete satisfaction of the student and also makes sure that student learns a lot at the end of the project. We provide help to students, in fact even spoon feed them but also assure that the student at the end of the project has gained complete knowledge of what is going to be his first step of real world software engineering.

In Project training we always keep our focus providing quality software engineering and procedure of development including the technology uses.

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