11. What is your main focus while choosing your internship institute????
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11. What is your main focus while choosing your internship institute????

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    Jaipur, Rajasthan

    11. What is your main focus while choosing your internship institute????

    I am a computer science student currently in 3rd yr and I want to do 2 months training/internship from may-June 2015 at any of the IT Company. Please suggest me the Object Oriented courses.

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    The objective of the Internship Program is giving a chance to students with the opportunity to relate their academic learning in the course of study to a proper work environment. This experience will improve their ability to adapt when joining the workforce in the future. Internships are programs where higher education meets employment. An internship Program may be structured with a Major Project. Internship program allows students to get some important experience from an organization while studying at college/university. Here are some definitions, Internship is:

    An experiential program that can enhance a student?s personal, academic and career development.

    A program that is supervised by industry professionals.

    It may be paid, unpaid, part time or full time.

    A program that is mutually agreed upon by the student and supervisor.

    Now the limelight on your main focus for your internship like what kind of thinks matters in your internship

    1. Internship Period
    The duration of the internship generally ranges between 12-26 weeks and If you have any kind of doubts about the timing and period discuss all at starting point.

    2. Location

    Institute's location can really matter. If you intend to live at home and commute to Internship institute you will want to attend an institute that is located nearby.

    3 .Coast

    Cost is one of the most important things to consider when choosing an Internship institute.

    Some sureties you need after your internships.

    1. Internships and Hands-on Opportunities

    2. Job Placement Rates

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    While choosing internship in an institute you should go for details about..whether they are providing enough knowledge about your program,then hostels and food ..And standard and ranking of that institute..analyze Is it worth after doing internship there..

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