I passed my 12th board exam in 2011 with average marks in all the 5 subjects and applied for improvement exam in 3 (P,C,M) out of 5 core subjects.But due to some constraints, i could appear in only 2 of 3 applied subjects (C,M).
The separate marksheet of 3 subjects improvement exam, that i recieved showed ‘F’ grade instead of ‘Abs’ grade in one absent subject (P) and marks of other 2 subjects got improved.
My question is that, am i allowed to use that new marksheet for 2 improved subjects (C,M) or the ‘F’ grade (in P) will create any issue.
One more query, is there any process to get a new merged marksheet with improved marks in 2 subjects (C,M) retaining the old marks of physics (P).