Welcome to Socialexams.com!
Thank you for taking the time to get to know us better. Here are some things you might want to know about us:
Socialexams.com is a Learning Platform which connects Knowledge Providers and Seekers. Socialexams.com have a motto to flip the classroom using Social Enabled Technology and we provide world class learning to the Seekers from the Experts and Engage the Learners Never before any platform.
Any User can sign up for free in this platform to enjoy the learning seamlessly and the Gaming Mechanics we introduce give the Learners a WOW Moment in each Learning.
We at Socialexams.com are helping organize the unstructured market of tuition's and professional training providers- both institutes and individuals, by providing an online platform to connect students with teachers. We serve a wide range of categories including School or College Tuition's, Exam Entrance, Sports, Computer Training, Dance, Music, Photography, Painting, Cooking, Yoga, and many others.
Socialexams.com has enabled a LinkedIn-like platform for the teaching community where individual trainers or institutes can create profiles, add skills or experience details get recommendations from past students, showcase their class videos, add photo galleries of classes or workshops, upload online courses or conduct training's and workshops.
Our Course Library Consists of Various Free Courses in Various Categories like,
Life skills
Engineering and others.
Our Products
Online Marketplace for tutors and teachers.
Online Marketplace for courses and workshops.
Online Marketplace for Educational Institutes.
Online Assessment Engine.
Customized White Board Teaching Solutions.
How it Works
Teachers or Trainers create their Socailexam.com profile for free.
Students create their login and can post their learning Material for free.
We connect students with relevant teachers in their area of choice and preferred medium of instruction for a small charge. This fixed, monthly fee enables us to run our operations, build useful products for our users and market the services of our trainers.
Trainers can also post their class-room or online courses/seminar on the courses marketplace and students can register for the course. Courses can be either free or paid. We enable online payments and for these services take a small % of course fees from the trainers.
Socialexams.com helps institutes in inquiry generation and management, batch and trainer management, e-mail marketing and even helps set up a dynamic website for the institute.
Our vision is to create a professional platform, where people can share their knowledge and skills with others looking to build them in order to generate income for teachers and skill providers, improve employ ability and create an active learning Eco-system in India. We believe that education may stop at some point in your life, but learning shouldn't.