I am a student of Commerce with maths Class XI. Due to ill health i could not perform well in maths in academic year 2014-15 and was asked by my teacher to take Arts as additional subject to save my year. I did that now I am told that in Class XII this Arts will become my optional subject , that is main subject, and maths would be additional one. and no classes would be provided by my school for Maths , I will have to take pvt. tutions for it. I want Maths as my main subject.
Kindly let me know is there any CBSE ruling related to this ? Will I be able to get admission in DU college for Commerce or Eco with Maths as additional subject ? How this Maths as additional subject would appear in my marksheet? what repurcussuions it can have in future during my college admission.
I am in CBSE Delhi.