Well This Article is for those people who have Lost/Misplaced their School Leaving Certificate and now want to get a Duplicate School Leaving Certificate (For what ever reason) from their respective school in which they completed their education in . Process is pretty simple and easy at least that's what i personally felt as 90 % of my work was done through email. And i will be sharing with you the process which i personally followed to get a Duplicate SLC. Remember this is my Personal Experience which i am sharing and it might vary/change/alter depending from school to school and also vary depending on which city one is from and which geographical locations one is applying and school is Private/Government and so on.Any way let's start without any further delay. Well first i got touch with the school and made them aware about the situation via email.

1) Email which i sent over to the school , and please mention your Mobile Number in all the email you sent to the school. (Open the link and read it)


2) I got a call from the respective department which deals in issuing duplicate SLC on what i had to do and what documents i have present to the school forgetting a duplicate SLC ,All of which i made and scanned them and sent it over to the school via email for verification.(Open the link and read it)


3) I Sent a Xerox Copy of the School Leaving certificate which was originally issued to me what i left the school via email , i had a Xerox copy of it and i happen to misplace Original ( Just so that school knows that i am no mug/fraud who is applying and i am a actual student who studied in the school)


4) Affidavit which i prepared for getting a duplicate SLC . (Open the link and read it)



5) I got a Confirmation call from school that every detail is Okay and Good to go and i can now approach the school in person to collect the duplicate slc after paying a nominal fee. And i headed over to the school paid the fee (Receipt below)


6) Got a Duplicate SLC (Open the link and See it)


7) Expense i personally incurred in getting a duplicate SLC

1) Stamp Paper - 20
2) Typing the matter on it - 100
3) Govt Notary - 250
4) School Peon's who i happen to meet by chance when i visited the school - 300
5) Travelling expense as School is in different city - 200
6) School fee for Duplicate SLC - 500

TOTAL - 1370

The above said expense have occurred to me personally and might not occur the same depending on many variable . I shared the expenses just so that one might get a glimpse as to what to expect .

People who still have confusion or queries on how to obtain a Duplicate School Leaving Certificate even after reading my article can also reach to me alternatively on my email. Email me their NAME, MOBILE NUMBER, and you’re QUERIES to [email protected]

I am NOT AFFILIATED with CBSE or the BOARD or Any School in any manner directly or indirectly. I am just sharing my personal experience and would be more than happy to assist someone who have might not know how to go about in getting duplicate school leaving certificate if you have lost/misplaced ORIGINAL’S.