Respected Sir/Madam,

My daughter was in class VI for last session 2014-2015.
a) I have went to take the TC from the school which I need to produce to new school for admission of my daughter.
b) I went to Air Force School Chandan Nagar on 4th April 2015 to get the Transfer Certificate.
c) The Class teacher and school office person asked us to deposit the complete fee or meet Principal Madam. On that day Principal madam was not available. So they said to come on Mon i.e.6th Apr and to meet her.
d) My wife went to her on 6th Apr. But Principal madam has also saying the same wording. And asked her to deposit 6100/-(including development fee, annual fee, tuition fee, computer for new session).
e) As we are apply for TC on 4th Apr so why school is asking amount for new session to get the TC. Though we are not sent our child to new session. which start in Apr 2015 itself.
d) Kindly advice how shall I get the TC from the School. Why we shall pay for new session.
thanks & Regards,
Dinesh Sharma