Ohkay guys,so i really didn't study at all this year and as the exams approached,i kind of gave up,contemplating giving the exams next year.It is a sound plan,but now that i have ,most probably,failed the exams,i have to admit,it doesn't feel very good at all .AND i hadn't researched what happens if one fails,so i feel a little lost and would appreciate some help in navigating this labyrinth(the "labyrinth" part might exist solely in my confused mind).So,here is the deal and my questions:
I am probably going to fail in three subjects- accountancy,multimedia and web technology and economics,but there is a possibility i might fail in only 2.Questions:
1.If i fail in three subjects,i understand i will have officially failed.In such a case,i will have to repeat 12th as a private candidate,right?What is the procedure to enroll as a private candidate?Please help me understand the entire procedure,from start to finish,basically,if i do fail in 3 sub.,equip me with the knowledge which will let me get right back up on the horse.
2.If I fail in only 2 subjects,i understand i will get compartment in both and will have to appear for the compartment exams.How would i get to know the dates and venue of the exams?from the cbse website? AND most importantly,if i give and pass the compartment exams,would i still be able to give the improvement exams next year?If so,what is the procedure for that,and again,how would i get to know the dates and the venue of the exams? If I fail the compartment exams,I understand i will have to appear for re-compartment exams next year,is this accurate?will i have to give these re-compartment exams only for the subjects i had gotten a compartment in or for all of them?i would prefer to give exams for all of them,since they will be conducted the next year,kind of like an improvement exam.

These questions are perpetually eating my brain and won't let my soul rest until the results are declared.Please help me in finding the answers to these questions.