Hello sir/ma'am.
Throughout the year our arts teacher hd been likeyou can take them after the practicals. I have given all the paintings. Of class 11&12th . And there were students who gave like.veryy few of them. Now our teacher is not ready to give. Them back saying no one in the other schools does. Now after super duper pleading and factual explanationsmade by me I woukd be getting 50% after the result. Teacher goes lik I wik choose n give I be le no you won't that's cheating. Now I need them for entrances which demand portfolio.
If I have like. A proper fact. I can go and throw it atmy teachers face. And take back all of them. Eveyo.e in my class has lost hope. I haven't. Won't. I just ned some fact because now after my teacher has cheated us. I want all of em back. Idont care if I have to go to principalalone. I would. I t need a fact.
Thank you.