Uni-assist is the University Application Service for International Students. It is an association of German universities and universities of applied sciences, the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Its foremost aim is to create an admissions procedure for international applicants that are easy, more efficient, better value for money and more customer-friendly. Great care should be taken into the researching and compiling of your application documents, in order for your university application to be successful. Uni-assist helps the students by telling them the step by step procedure for applying to universities of their choice.
Step by step procedure:
➢ Gather information as regards courses of study, admission criteria and deadlines
➢ Providing required copies and authentication
➢ Find out whether you need to apply to universities through Uni-assist
➢ Provide all documents
➢ One separate application form for each university
➢ Using the online features
➢ Transferring the handling fees for all applications
➢ Sending all paper documents to Uni-assist
➢ Sending missing documents or making changes
➢ Tracking the application processing
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