This is in reference to my ward, currently studying in DPS Ghaziabad, India for whom we need CBSE countersigned TC for getting admission in UAE since We have to relocate to UAE and all school in UAE are asking transfer certificate duly counter signed from CBSE as per UAE law.

However DPS Ghaziabad school authorities are denying to provide the TC with CBSE counter signed referring the CBSE circular no. COORD/EC-30.07/2014.
Although circular has mentioned to follow the past practice of counter signature in same circular in clause no. 08 & 06, but school authorities are advising to get the countersigned by parent if required.

Hence I would request you to please clarify following :

1. Does school authorities can refuse to provide countersigned TC from CBSE in cases where it is required ?
2. Does CBSE entertain parents, if visit CBSE office for countersign ? if yes which CBSE office need to be approached - Merrut or Preet Vihar, Delhi and
any additional document needed for TC countersigning, fees etc .

A quick response shall be highly appreciated as planned to move UAE in next 2 weeks. Thanks in advance for your time to read the mail, respond and
understanding our situation.