Dear Sir

I appeared in Class 12 exam from CBSE in the year 1990 . But to my dismay I got FT in Physics, thereafter, I appeared for improvement exam in the year 1991 and secured goodmarks?
I have two query in this regard
1. Which Marks shall I consider for calculating my aggregate in class 12th examination? Shall I consider my improved physics marks for calculating the aggregate, if so shall I consider the five subject combining marks and deduct the pass mark from the sixth subject and add the rest to the five combining subjects, Is it the practice. I would be glad if you can clarify my doubts.

2. Is there is any possibility of making both the marksheet into a single marksheet depicting only my improved marks in physics and the rest remains the same? If so, kindly advice me how to approach in this regard as two mark sheets are posing problem to explain in the service sector?