Are you about to finish college and ready to take a plunge into the real world? Then you need some planning for the road ahead. Looking for a job does not necessarily mean that you will take you friends? advice or parents? command. It is your responsibility to research on the opportunities that you see. If you are interested in a particular organization, then spend some time to study the organization. Find out its mission, goals, values that it brings to people and benefits that the employees get in return.

Research the industry

Many industries offer plenty of career opportunities for fresh college graduates. They are seeking for employees who are willing to learn new things and execute their tasks. Therefore, it is important that you research the industry well before you apply. Start by looking in to the corporate culture. Look for signs that will enable you to blend with a company. You will find the information on the company?s website and use Google if you want to dig in further.

Know the company

Apply for a position in a company where you have a suitable match. Assuming that everything goes off well, you may be called for an interview. Before you appear for the interview, find out about the company?s policies by talking to experts. During the interview, you will meet people from different departments. You are free to ask them questions about their work. You will be introduced to the hiring manager, whom you can ask questions about the work environment, work load, and challenges that you are going to face.

Find the organizational values before you start building a Career

Organisations have values, core purpose and a vision but the culture is normally driven by the personality of the person heading the organisation. If you want to know the culture, then find out all about the chairman or the CEO. You need to know the values and compare them with yours. Check if the organisation?s core purpose even remotely matches your basic purpose in life. If it does not, trust me, you don?t want to be there.

Know your ambitions

Ask yourself what you are going to achieve in the organization. If you are interested in money, then pay importance to the salary and benefits. If you are interested in career growth, then find out how employees grow within the organization. If you are interested in bring changes to people?s lifestyle, then find out what the value proposition of the organization is. Will this company reward, recognise, groom, nurture and make you a better person tomorrow? These should be the questions that you should be asking before you start looking for jobs. Of course, the answers are there. It?s for you to find out and cross check.

Good organisations want to hire people who show interest in their values, growth, and work culture. When you talk about work-life balance, the first thing people say is, ?You need to work to have a life?. So go out there and know all about that work before you make it your life.