Weekend Acting For Camera Course - 12 Weekends
Saturday & Sundays ?From Saturday the 23rd January 2016
The weekend course on Saturday & Sundays is tailor made for working professionals, students and talents who wish to earn and pursue their dreams to become an actor.
The world of film-the silver screen is a dream for all and it can be achieved by any one through dedication and hard work. If you have the passion, Mindscreen will offer you the path to success.

The current milieu demands a new breed of skilled, talented and driven actors with the ability to effectively deliver hallmark performances to entertain and move audiences, not just regionally but also globally.

The twelve week course on Acting for Camera will be a window for the talents to that world and answers for all the quires the budding actor in you struggles with??..Like,
How to Act?
How to entertain?
How does the industry work?
How can I assess my talent?
What are my strengths?
How can I work on my weaker points?
The twelve week course on Acting for Camera at Mindscreen Film Institute has been designed specifically to prepare a new breed of actors for the screen, and mike, to deliver memorable performances.
Course Structure
The course is based on an eclectic mix of folk, classical, contemporary and avant-garde methodologies and techniques ? both local and global ? to inculcate a holistic understanding of the need and objectives of acting and performance.

The major high light of this course is the regular performance oriented sessions that are followed by followed by ?field? sessions on stage, studio and public spaces. The course also covers a blend of performance traditions from the Natyshastra, through Stanislavsky, Strasberg and Meisner.
Students will be grouped into teams and tutors will be assigned for a more personalised pedagogic engagement and more effective assessment and guidance towards developmental and corrective strategies.
Course fee: Rs.75000.00 + 14.50% Service tax

With an aim to provide prospective artistes and actors, a range of skills that will enable them to competently and creatively deliver unique and path-breaking performances in films and television, Mindscreen will empower the candidates with the following aspects.

 Practical exercises from the first week of the course
 Focused training for understanding & sharpening the tools of an actor- The body, voice and imagination
 Creative Body Movements : Stamina building, breath control, flexibility, concentration through Silambam, kalari, Yoga, tai chi and basic meditation
 Focus on improvisation and its various techniques
 Intense voice modulation and diction sessions
 In-depth script analysis and character analysis
 Intensive acting sessions covering folk to classical, contemporary and post modern methods of acting
 Contemporary dance and movement training ? dance, mock fight, jumps, falls & lifts
 Master classes on Camera, lighting and acting techniques?
 Understanding acting for Stage, Television and Film
 Scene enactment for live shoots with sync sound
 Practical sessions on dubbing/voice acting in professional sound studio
 Designing Portfolio
 Mock auditions and interviews
 Orientation and counseling by the masters from the Industry
 Showreel of the performance
 Preparing for the world out
 Re-creation of film scenes from a variety of genres
 Adaptation of characters from world classics
 Final scene project in a professional shooting environment, with lights, sets and moving cameras with live sound
 Visit to editing studio to observe and analyse one?s own acting
 Dubbing in professional sound studio
 Showreel and portfolio presentation

The training methodology will be complemented by a regular series of unique pedagogic initiatives like:

Master Classes: These sessions will be conducted by eminent visiting faculties and mentors. They will cover various aspects of acting, camera, voice acting, industry trends, situations and possibilities for film and television.

Student Presentation: This involves a presentation or performance by students at the last session of every day class. The students will be guided by the tutor to prepare for their presentations.

Student Diary: This will function as a multimedia document that combines notes, digital audio recordings and videos of their engagements and performances in the entire course of program. This ?document? will serve as a toll for self-appraisal and analysis and also be the basis for the profile that will be developed at the end of the course. An edited copy of the Diary will also be submitted to the institute?s archive before graduation.
Admission Process
Passionate candidates with or without previous experience can apply for the course by downloading the application from our website fill it and courier it or hand over the same along with a registration fee of Rs.1000.00 at the below mentioned address.

No: 4, Ranga Lane, Off Dr. Ranga Road,
Mylapore, Chennai ? 600 004
Ph: +91 044 4210 8682 / 2499 6417
Mobile: +91 9841612595
E-mail: [email protected]