I am relocating to Gurgaon on work and have a daughter who is currently in Grade 4 in an ICSE school in Bangalore. I wish to seek your ideas wrt good CBSE schools in Gurgaon that additionally give greater emphasis for co-curricular (esp arts & crafts) for children.

The criteria is CBSE, overall good school for Mid level (as in 2 years she will move to mid level eventually) and special emphasis on arts & crafts.

My daughter has natural bent for arts & crafts and has self-made some good works in the past. I want to nurture this in her and her current school is overtly studies-only oriented. I don't know if this is typical of ICSE schools, hence the assumption in mind that i should look for CBSE, which is less strenuous comparatively (again an assumption).

I read reviews about Heritage (Sector 62), so if you have anything specific to share on the same wrt to my need then you are most welcome. The only spoiler wrt Heritage is the color dress code, which I am not sure how the kids take on w/o getting into economic groupism.

I am also assuming that till Grade 7, it's no big significance related academic rigour a child goes through and only post 7, the real imparting of academics happen. Hence since my kid is only in Grade 4 (moving to 5), i am planning to give her the best in terms of her natural orientation.

Please help me with your feedback.