Engineering entrance examinations
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Engineering entrance examinations

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    Engineering entrance examinations

    Engineering entrance examinations follow various test patterns which are decided by the authorities conducting the examination. IIT- JEE has recently announced a major change in its examination pattern. IIT-JEE will conduct two entrance examinations, JEE (Main) followed by JEE (Advanced). Only the first 1, 50,000 candidates who clear JEE-Main will be eligible for JEE (Advanced).

    AIEEE follows a different examination pattern. Paper 1 consists of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects which contain objective type questions and have equal weightage for all the subjects. The total marks allotted for Paper 1 is 540. Paper 2 consists of Mathematics, Aptitude test-part 1 and Aptitude test-2 which carry 400 marks. Engineering Entrance Examinations Preparation needs quality time. Only hard work, dedication and determination can get you good results.

    Candidates preparing for engineering entrance examination should follow a good study plan which covers all subjects and also allot more time for subjects which you find difficult. Good study plan and the right books can help you score well in these exams. Candidates have to learn simple tricks which can save time and also practice using old question papers. Answering mock tests keeping time factor in mind is essential to get a hang of the examination.

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    Engineering entrance examination are many exams and pattern also different you can study subjectwise there are 3 different subjects and marks also different for that , you should prepare for exam good and best study material follow for crak the exam.

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