We study the effects of various types of education and training on the productivity of teachers in promoting student achievement. Previous studies on the subject have been hampered by inadequate measures of teacher training and difficulties in addressing the non-random selection of teachers to students and of teachers to training.
We address these issues by estimating models that include detailed measures of training, a rich set of time-varying covariates, and student, teacher, and school fixed effects.
We find that elementary and middle school teacher productivity increases with experience (informal on-the-job training). The largest gains from experience occur in the first few years, but we find continuing gains beyond the first five years of a teacher's career.
In Order to make increment in knowledge and skills of middle school as well as nursery and primary teacher there is a huge requirement of teacher training. Teacher training is very beneficent in order to maintain the teaching quality of a teacher. Such teacher training courses fosters and emphasizes the teaching skills of the students so as to transform them from novice to a trained teacher.
There are several courses provided by teacher training institutions such as NTT (Nursery Teacher Training), Montessori Teacher Training, NPTT(Nursery Primary Teacher Training), PTT (Primary Teacher Training), B.ed (Bachelor Of Education) etc. The courses provided by such institutions are on the basis of eligibility criteria. Different courses required different eligibility as well.

Benefits Of Certification Of Teacher Training
Makes the teacher aware of different nature of students.
Able to understand the child psychology.
Able to deal with the situation in much more effective way.
Such trainings provides various skills development classes along with the teacher training classes such as :- Art & Craft, Yoga, Mask Making, Calligraphy, Computer skills, English Speaking etc.
Provides better opportunity to grab job in teaching field