Please give me the CBSE 10th SA1 Blueprint
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Please give me the CBSE 10th SA1 Blueprint

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    Mysore, India

    Please give me the CBSE 10th SA1 Blueprint

    I'm unable to find the blue print of the Summative Assesment 1- Class X.
    If you find it mail it to : [email protected]


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    rush12345's Avatar
    for 2013 cbse board sa1, the board denied to provide the blue print and weightage of any subject. it will be useless searching for it on google or anywhere because the information is not provided to any site or any teacher or any student. work hard and study all the contents thoroughly and make sure u knw all the tricks and tips of writing a board exam. they might help a lot. if u have any queries regarding any answer (about how to present a particular answer to a particualr question) u can e-mail it to me on rushika . ramani 26 @ gmail . com and i will surely help and reply back with a complete answer. (only for ss, science, english) even for sa2 if u need any help, i'll be there just an e-mail away

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