Dear Students

I am an engineering graduate with 13+ years of experience of working in software industry residing in Bangalore (India). In past I have appeared and prepared for lot of engineering entrance examinations and Physics has been my subject of interest and I have enjoyed solving Physics problems.

I am not here to offer regular online tutoring sessions in Physics but what I have to offer is something unique and customized for CBSE/ICSE student community for levels 8-12.You all will agree that problems are the most challenging part in Physics wherein you need to thoroughly understand apply your theory and fundamentals into
Solving them. You may have wanted to solve more and more problems for better practice and also looking for more tricky and difficult problems rather than mostly simple ones given in your regular NCERT/ICSE text books. The only alternative to your books might be purchasing some practice problem books from market which may give you
Help in finding more tricky problems but in my experience only a few problems in the book may be useful and rest the normal ones. Again you cannot keep on buying more and more books always. Internet search might be other option but there also it may not be of complete help.

I can offer Physics practice problems at a cost on topics of general Physics like Kinematics, Motion in a plane, Projectile motion, Force, Momentum, Work, Energy, circular motion, Friction etc and important thing is that these problems will be original and created by me and not be copied from any book or internet.There are rare chances that you will find them in same form in any other sources. Based on the topics and concepts you feel you require more practice I can provide you with related problems for practice with or without solution as per your need. Again level of difficulty will be as per your need. I can provide both simple basic problems on one topic/concept or more tricky problems where more than one concepts are clubbed in a single problem.So here you have to pay only on the basis of number of problems you want for practice and problems will try to cover areas you want to practice more.