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Web design

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    Web design

    i want to start my career in web designing and i want to start my business with web designing. please tell me how can i start

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    Hello Asna,

    It would be better if you can post some more information regarding your educational background and knowledge in the field of web designing. I can provide a generic answer of what id required to be a web designer and starting a business in field of web designing.

    Perquisite Knowledge
    1. You need to have good knowledge of web designing technologies like HTML,CSS, JQuery, Javascript etc. If you don't have this already then I will recommend you to read the online tutorials and get yourself trained on these technologies.
    2. Once you have the basic knowledge, start building sample web pages for any dummy business. You may need to learn advanced technologies like Bootstrap for responsive design and some backend language (PHP/Java/ Python) if you are looking to build dynamic websites.

    Career Options
    1. If you have no prior professional experience in web designing you can apply for web designing post in some company to see how websites are built by team and with that you can get some real experience in the field of web designing.

    Business / Freelance options
    1. To be frank there are a lot of people who are expert in the field of web designing trying hard to get projects and get their business running in the field of web development. There are lot of online sites where you can bid for projects freelancer.com , upwork, fivver, etc. But its hard to get your first project.
    2. Thus its always good to approach for local clients first and build websites for their business in low cost, by this you can have your business started and build your portfolio to showcase to the next clients.

    Good Luck !

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