Answer sheets are not shown to parents by School
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Answer sheets are not shown to parents by School

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    Answer sheets are not shown to parents by School

    my child is in 6th when i have asked the teacher to show me the answer sheets of semester exams so that i can see where my child needs further improvement she point blank told me she will not show answer sheet as this is a CBSE rule when i asked how i will know where my daughter needs improvement she told me she cann't help me with this as this is CBSE rule not to tell anything to parents so i should get use to system.
    i just want to know is there any rules like this in CBSE?

    is there any rule for not showing answer sheets of 1st term of class 6th to parents?

    if yes then please help me how can i know where my child requires improvement.

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    There is no such rule in CBSE. There must be some problem with the teacher that's why she wont let you see the papers. Better you go and have a discussion with the school's principle.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask!

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