Week schedule for school is to be five days for self study!!
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Week schedule for school is to be five days for self study!!

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    Week schedule for school is to be five days for self study!!

    To whom so ever it may concern

    subject : A polite request regarding study timings of school.

    As you very well know that eleven and twelfth these two years are very important for future of every student. And self study of each subjects is also takes very important roll in result of board exam and also in competition exams. With coming to the point, the study schedule may be of almost all students is as under.

    School time : 0730 to 1340
    rest (sleeping) : 1400 to 1500
    coaching class for iit jee : 1500 to 2000 ( including doubt class )
    dinner time : 2000 to 2030
    self study starts from 2030 to 0200 to 0230 am

    now will you please justify that is this self study time is sufficient for iit jee ?
    So let us request to all concerned for following,
    The week schedule for school is to be five day week.

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    If you study 4-5hours with concentration it is sufficient for iit jee.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask!

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    According to me, self study time 20:30 t0 23:00 is enough because you are also taking coaching and most important you have to sleep 6-7 hours a day because getting the right amount of sleep is essential for brain. If you take full rest as much as you can, it will help you to learn and grasp anything easily.

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