information about beachlor in arts and public administration?
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information about beachlor in arts and public administration?

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    information about beachlor in arts and public administration?

    difference between beachlor in arts and public administration?
    which is the best one for civil service?
    can i do both degree together?

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    B.A. - Public Administration:
    B.A. Public Administration - Stands for Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration. Typically, a B.A. is a three year course, minimum eligibility for which is an intermediate (10+2). Public Administration is the study of administrative and executive power. Subjects usually studied under this degree are Political Theory, Public Administration and Governance, Public Policy, Indian Political System, Administrative Thinkers, Organizational Behavior, Research Methodology, Financial Administration, Rural and Urban Governments, Political Economy, Global Political Economy and Governance etc...

    Basic Eligibility:
    For pursuing a bachelor's degree in public administration a candidate must have completed his/her higher secondary education or 10+2 examination. Mostly, the duration for the bachelors degree program is 3 years.

    Job Prospects:
    Certain Sectors where jobs are offered: -

    • Correctional Treatment Specialist
    • Administrative Officer
    • Emergency Services
    • Public Works
    • Management Analyst
    • Labor Management Relations Specialist
    • Personnel Management Specialist
    • Economic Development
    • Social Worker
    • Customs Inspector
    • Border Patrol Agent
    • Municipal Planning
    • Police
    • Fire

    Jobs in Government organization: -
    As mentioned earlier, public administration is a crucial sector for any country and as far as India is concerned the need for public administration officers is increasing. Government in India conductins Civil Services Examinations for appointing candidates to the following positions: -

    • Foreign service offices
    • District administrators
    • Police offices

    Audit and revenue officers in: -

    • Governance
    • Law & Order

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